Number of Kite Schools in Lagos

On this article we will tell you about all kitesurf schools in Lagos area and how you can choose right school.

kitesurf Lagos school

Let’s start with ones of first discovered schools that started teaching kitesurf Lagos town:

No.1 Algarvewatersports

№2 ExtremeAlgarve

No.3 KiteSchool.Pt = AlgarveKiteCenter

No.4 OceanSpirit

№5 LagosKiteClub

If some kite school in city of Lagos is not included in this list, then it is not legal or school has changed its owner. In any case, we do not recommend contacting such schools, as there are very unpleasant situations, such as a legal school calls the police when black independent instructors are found.

There are five kitesurf schools in Lagos and only one of them belongs to the local Portuguese, the rest are from Europe and some kite schools have changed their owner.

– Any person can kite on this lagoon and even schools area.

Some schools also have myths about private kitesurf spot (kite lagoon) and that no one else has the right there, you should not trust them, lagoon is property of people and of country, and all those schools listed above are legal and licensed.

kitesurf lagoon Lagos

There are many nuances by which tourists choose which school to study at, most basic are lesson price, second kite and stay price, quality of lesson, duration of lesson, with what equipment you teach, distance from your location to school, what language you speak, positive comments, communication with client, parties and events.

– Lessons and Rental prices.

Let’s start from most important point as the price of training, all kitesurf schools in Lagos are approximately same (plus, minus)

What determines price of a lesson ?!

  • Cost and quality of equipment (Kite, board, harness, wetsuit) and if it’s included in price of a lesson.
  • Professionalism and certification of instructors (IKO, VDWS)
  • Duration and type of lesson (group or individual)
  • Additional services such as transfer from Lagos to kitesurf spot and back, insurance, rescue boat.

Each company has its own trick, basically this is cheaper lesson less useful time you spend in the water practicing.


Instead of a short briefing about safety rules, they will tell you Theory of kitesurf for most of the lesson time, and suspecting nothing, you think it should be like that.

And as usual, in excellent schools, from first minutes, you go into the water with a kite and begin a practical lesson, learn how to control a kite and feel the power of the wind with your own hands.

But each of you knows that more practice, better control, faster skills, independence and confidence in what you do.

kitesurf Lagos school


Now let’s talk about instructors, we divide them into several categories, there are excellent instructors who can explain and teach a lesson like a game (Success 100%)

With a bad instructor there will be a constant feeling that you can’t do anything and you can’t do anything, is will be many excuses about wind conditions, about tide, not good equipment, but know that there are no bad students, there are bad instructors (Success 50%)

kite lessons Lagos


We teach three types of kitesurf lessons in Lagos:

Private – this is when one instructor is engaged with one student and all equipment is only for this student.
HalfPrivate – this is when one instructor has two students and each of them has separate equipment.
Group – this is when one instructor has four students, two kites for four students, every 5-10 minutes. switch kites.


A lot depends on good kite equipment, for example if a kite is used in a kite school for more than two years, this is a bad sign, over time material stretches, dries, cracks, and even with a slight impact on water it can explode or tear.

kitesurf equipment Lagos

A lot also depends on the shape of the kite, the main is “BOW”, “DELTA”, “HIBRID”, “C-shape” – “hybrid” is best suited for training, since it is more multifunctional. Main qualities of a good kite should be – easy launch from water, stable in air, moderately fast.

Equipment is a very important point, with a bad brand or a poorly selected kite size for a lesson, you can get stuck at the same level for a long time. Smaller kite, more unstable and faster – bigger, slower and more stable in pulls.

A small kite can fly well, but in order for it to lift you onto the board it can catch traction, but if you take an enormous size, it can become unmanageable from too much traction.

In short, with right kite, progress will be much faster and you will end up needing not 5 days of training but only 3 days, and you will save two days of payment.


When you ride left and right on your own, you will need support of a rescue boat, as in first steps of riding, there are many situations you have never encountered before.

For your safety, we bring a Rescue boat to kite lagoon every day, even though kite spot has shallow water, but there are also deep places with a fairly strong current where we do not advise you to be left without our supervision.

kitesurf Algarve school

Our kitesurf school is not a pioneer in Lagos, but we tried to introduce all the best and necessary qualities.