Kitesurf lagoon of Lagos 2023

Kitesurf lagoon of Lagos 2023 – this kite spot was discovered relatively recently, the first kitesurfers appeared around 2007, but the kite lagoon was discovered thanks to the pioneer windsurfers.

Every year there are more and more kitesurfers on this kite spot, this is facilitated by many positive factors such as:

  • Positive wind statistics (80%) during summer months of the year during holidays, southernmost and sunniest point in Europe.
  • Airport is an hour away from kitesurf lagoons of Lagos, inexpensive flights from any part of Europe and relatively inexpensive accommodation near a kite spot.
  • The best beaches for surfing, and south coast of Lagos with caves for paddleboarding or kayaking.
kitesurf lagoon Lagos 2023

Kitesurf lagoon of Lagos is divided into several parts:

  1. Kite spot Lagos
  2. Kite spot Mexilhoeira Grande
  3. Kite spot Alvor

1. Kite spot Lagos – plus of this spot:

That it is located near the city of Lagos 5 km, unlimited parking for cars, works in any direction of the wind, does not depend much on the tides, a relatively large sandy beach for launching and landing kites.

Minus of this spot:

A lot of kitesurfers in the water and on the beach during the period July-August, Portuguese locals (Lagos, Chinicato, Odiaxer) who come to swim in warm water (weekends)

kitesurf lagoon Lagos

2. Kite spot Mexilhoeira Grande – plus of this spot:

Works with any wind directions, does not depend on the tides, there is a lot of space for parking a car, close access to the water, there are not many kitesurfers even during holidays, and most importantly, there are no kite schools on this beach.

Minus of this spot:

Faraway from civilization, it is not safe to leave car with valuables, there is no beach at high tide, it is located directly next to the riverbed.

kitesurf lagoon of Lagos 2023

3. Kite spot Alvor – plus of this spot:

Located within walking distance from city of Alvor, with a standard summer wind direction ON SHORE, works with any wind direction except the east (very rarely), does not depend on the tides, large parking and restaurants, a lot of space on the water for kitesurf, even in the summer season.

Minus of this spot:

Far walk from the parking to the beach (500m) with kite equipment in hand, a small beach for launching a kite at full tide.

1 Day kite course (including 3 hours of lesson, all necessary equipment)120€
2 Days kite course (including 7 hours of lesson, all necessary equipment)200€
3 Days kite course (including 10 hours of lesson, all necessary equipment)270€
5 Days complete course (including 15h lessons, all necessary equipment, IKO certificate)400€