Lagos is one of the most ideal places in Portugal for windsurfing. Stable wind conditions, a shallow training spot and an open Atlantic ocean with an excellent wave for professionals – what else can you dream windsurf spot Lagosabout ?! Here everything is put together. If you are an absolute beginner who has never dealt with wind sports or a mid-level windsurfer, we will always help you advance in your skills of this wonderful sport.

Lagos is an ideal place for learning both kite and windsurfing, for more than 10 years this place has attracted the attention of windsurfing enthusiasts, and more recently kiting. And, as time showed, it is not by chance. For these kinds of sports, as you know, the wind is the obligatory condition, and nothing hinders here – low coasts, absence of any obstacles. The second condition is shallow water, that is, good water Lagos wind surfareas for skiing and a good beach. The conditions for skiing are very diverse – from simply mirrored water to huge waves (naturally with a certain direction of the wind and its strength) while you always have a choice: to ride on the smooth water of the lagoon, or to ride in the waves on the Ocean.

Thanks to such conditions and a long enough season there is a very high average level of skiing, both in windsurfing and in kite, many worthy people gather here and maybe you will learn something here, or maybe share your experience and Knowledge

Courses Price
15 hours 370€
9 hours 250€
6 hours 180€
3 hours 90€
private lesson 3 hours 180€

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