Today we look at what is Gidrofoil or FOIL board

Foil board Algarvefoil kiteboard Portugal

If you asked this question, you probably already saw how some kitesurfers do not just ride Lagos foil board, ride and surf the water, but as if hover over it. Moreover, they move, as a rule, with frenzied speed, beautifully and gracefully, even when there is only a faint hint to the wind, and the rest of the riders are sitting on the shore with and can only dream of going on a kite.

In fact, Gidrofoil – this is the underwater wing!

What kind of wind is needed for Hydrofil?
It is enough that the kite just flew. Thus, you can take parafoil with a size of 15-18 m. with a wind of 2 m / s or an inflatable kite measuring 15-18 m. at 4 m / s. The maximum recommended wind speed for riding on the Hydrofoil is 12 m / s

Advantages of Hydrophobic:

First, it’s speed. This speed, as you can dial on the hydrophone, you can not type on any other boAlgarve foil boardard in combination with the kite.
Secondly, the feeling of soaring. No other board will give you this. You will not feel the waves, you will fly over the water.
Thirdly, finally, it’s something new! Again, feel like a beginner and a student =)))) This is two or three hours of sensations of a completely new, almost space, board, completely unlike what you tried before =) Believe me, it’s worth to experience.
And on the Hydrofoil you can jump the familiar kite tricks of the back-roll, front-roll, rails, interceptions …

When to start learning how to ride a Hydrofoil?

Of course, it’s worth to get up on the hydrofoil when you are already riding well on a twintype, feel the kite perfectly, you can restart it from any positions, including from the trailing edge.

In short, hydrophilic is an advanced level.

But it is available to both children and adults, both women and men. The only requirement – the ability tFoil board Algarveo manage the kite well and patience.

The training takes place at the Hydrofoil with interchangeable masts.

First we use a short mast of 40 cm. If desired, we can start from the middle mast 60 cm, the student moves to the long mast only when he confidently enters the planning on the middle mast and can control the speed and fall safely.