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Lagos sup Trip

SUP (Stand Up Paddle), a literal translation – standing on the board holding an paddle) – this new sport in Lagos has gained immense popularity among people wishing to improve their physical shape, get beautiful photos and simply interesting to spend their leisure time. This is a great hobby for childrens and adults of any age. To swim on the board, yoLagos sup surfu do not need ocean waves, you can slide on absolutely calm water in Lagos spot. All you need is a board and an oar! When rowing on the SUP-board, all groups of muscles are evenly involved, strength and endurance, balance and coordination develop, the muscular corset of the spine is strengthened, the cardiovascular system is trained. Thanks to this property, sup surfing has become an interesting replacement for fitness clubs, only you breathe ionized sea air, travel and enjoy the pristine beauty of the local coastline, sunbathe and swim in places not accessible from the land. You do not need special physical skills to master the paddle board, the training of the basics will take only a few minutes!

Rent sup Board

SUP board can be booked and taken from the issuance point on the beach in the Lagos village or arrange deliverSup school Lagosy to your beach. In the complete set with a board there is a safety wire, reliably connecting a sap board with a rider, an oar and a life jacket. SUP boards are issued on the security of a vehicle’s technical passport, driver’s license or the collateral value of a set of equipment. Please call before you go, check the availability of boards and the possibility of issuing, as we conduct tours and not always on the spot.

Courses Price
3 hours SUP trip  40€
2 hours SUP lesson 30€
2 hours SUP Race lesson 50€
3 hours SUP Wave lesson 80€
1 hour private SUP lesson 60€
  1. Always monitor the weather conditions, and take the necessary safety measures based on them. If the day is windy, then be sure that there will be waves on the water.
  2. Make sure that the excess is well fixed. If you fall into the water, the board will not float away with the current and help you, if anything, to stay afloat.

  3. Always have a backup plan! Anything can happen while you are in the water. If you suddenly feel some discomfort, then it’s better to swim to the shore, and not risk in vain. Wear a rescue whistle. It can be a decisive factor.

  4. Be sure to tell your family or rescue team about the rental location, where and with whom you are going today.

  5. Wear a life jacket or have it on board. Many of you, most likely, believe that this is entertainment for beginners. But this is not so. It’s better to be 100% safe.

  6. Listen carefully to the precautions that you are told at our surf station, it is we who are responsible for you while you are on the water. We will inform you about all possible situations, teach you how to behave on the water and when you fall into the water.

Observance of simple rules can save your life.


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