Lagos kitesurf with out limit

Our kitesurfing school in the Algarve introduces a new package – “kitesurfing without limit” starting from April this year.

                           This package includes: lagos kitesurfkitesurf algarve

-All kitesurf equipment (kite and bar, kiteboard, harness, wetsuit, helmet), training with professional and certified instructors, medical insurance for each student.

-Free transfer from Lagos to kite lagoon with shallow water and good wind.

-And finally the most important thing is that kitesurfing training takes place without a time limit until the student is an independent kitesurfer. lagos kitesurf

A very important point in learning kitesurfing is safety, this is what the student should think first before you start to operate the kite. Kitesurfing training can be compared to driving a car – if you are an experienced driver and drive a vehicle carefully you know that nothing dangerous will happen.

kitesurfing algarve

Also we will teach you how to choose kitesurfing equipment under certain weather conditions and explain in which cases it is not necessary to run the kite and go into the water.

The Algarve has a very unique climate for all water sports, in kite lagoon shallow and smooth water with a safe environment and white sand that will speed up your kitesurfing training.

In this program there are a lot of advantages such as: never need to think about what will end the training time and score hours, as those people who think that they will never learn kitesurfing.

algarve kitesurf
lagos kitesurf

In short – if you have time to learn this amazing extreme sport – it is your option and our kite school in Sunny


Price of package “kitesurfing lessons with out limit” – 600euro

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