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We provide one of the best and popular brand new CoreKites equipment.

Rent conditions - super simple, we need:

Deposit -(your ID or Car key)

Cash. -($£ )

One day rental - 60€ (full set)

Supervision - 30€ / 3 hours

Equipment insurance. - 30€ / 3 hours

Location of our kite school and meeting point, you can find on this LINK

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kitesurf portugal

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Our kite center located in one of the best kite spots in Portugal.

In Algarve, climate is much milder and warmer, the wind statistics and number of sunny days are proportional, compared to other regions of Portugal - Lagos lagoon is perfect for learn how to kitesurf for all levels.

The best time of the year for kitesurfing is from February to October.

Every year number of kitesurfers growing more and more,there are not so many kitesurfing spots with such perfect wind statistics in the summer during the European General Holidays.

If you decide to learn how to kitesurf and chose Portugal, then you have already heard from someone about this wonderful country, the main thing is that you do not get to peak of holidays around July 15 - August 15, during this period it is better to have a reservation for all types of tourist services, like: (restaurants, hotels, kite lessons...) for earlier.

Group lessons

1 Day lesson - 120€ (3h)

2 Days lesson - 200€ (6h)

3 Days lesson - 270€ (9h)

4 Days lesson - 350€ (12h)

5 Days lesson - 400€ (15h)

Private & half-private lessons

2 Hours Private lesson - 160€

3 Hours Half-Private lesson - 140€

Special deals and packages, please contact us by WhatsApp

PACKAGES INCLUDING all necessary equipment and insurance
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