kitesurfing Alvor

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kitesurfing alvorKitesurfing in RIA de Alvor.

Is a very popular sport, as in the entire southern part of Portugal and the Algarve the usual wind pressure from the coast so the only recommended place for skiing and learning kitesurfing is RIA de Alvor. And also this kite lagoon lures relatively warm and shallow water which is very important for students.

The small fishing village of Alvor located 5 km from Portimão and near the national reserve of RIA de Alvor — where is our kite school. Around the kite lagoon is a modern resort with first-class Golf courses, small cozy streets, white houses, a Harbor with luxury yachts and, of course, Portuguese restaurants with famous wines and fresh fish. A kilometre from the centre of sandy beaches, framed by cliffs.Alvor kitesurfing

The beach is located along a wide sandy barrier that protects the life of the lagoon of RIA de Alvor from the salty waters of the ocean. The reserve is home to countless species of birds, fish and shellfish. On the promenade you can see such delicate plants as cudweed, Cretan trefoil and many others.

Our kite school asks tourists to take care of the fragile vegetation of the sand dunes and thus preserve this vulnerable habitat.