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kitesurf algarve wave spot

Wave spot Algarve

Portugal is one of the best countries for surfing and kitesurfing in the European region, local conditions are suitable for riders of all levels, including beginners (kite lagoon).

In Portugal, there also are a lot of places for windsurfing and kitesurfing, most of them located in the province of Algarve In the south of the country.

kitesurf algarve wave spot

The Portuguese coast for most of the year is influenced by storms of the Atlantic.

More than 600 km of coast in the western part of Portugal is the coves and sandy beaches, hidden between the rocks. Almost anywhere there is a suitable wave for surfing and kitesurfing.

Kitesurf Praia da Bordeira

Despite the fact that not all spots now mastered, from well-known now, there are more than 250.

KiteSurf spots here really are present on each step – already in the 5 minutes away from the crowded beaches, you can find a place in the soul, with a good wave and without traffic.

kitesurfing wave spot Algarve

If you are an experienced rider, all that you need for excellent surfing in Portugal is the vehicle and the desire to go in search of new spots.

For beginners and continuing throughout the coastline of Portugal open a lot of KiteSurf camps, where you can not only take the rent fool gear or get the lessons, riding, but also to find accommodation.

Season lasts from March to November, as the best waves and wind for classes are kitesurfing at the end of winter and the beginning of summer.

It is important to take into account, the temperature of the water here does not rise higher than +20, therefore, a prerequisite for, riding in Portugal is a long wetsuit (depending on the season 3/2 or 5/4).

Carapateira kite spot
kitesurf spot Algarve wave

Everywhere there are kitesurf spots: if the move from north to south, from the port of Sagres, further to the east of The Sagres along the southern coast – Lagos, Alvor, Albufeira, Faro, Tavira – and further up to the border with Spain.

The Algarve is the southern part of Portugal, is divided into two: the coast west and south.

Regardless of how the wind blows and whence comes The swell, you can always choose the best place for skiing on the kitesurf and surf.

Located literally on the “edge of the Earth”, in the south-western point of the European continent, the city of Lagos (Algarve) is the main centre for surfers from all over Europe.

There is both a good waves for beginners and huge pipes for advanced surfers.

If you are a fan of surfing and kitesurfing, connoisseur of this Portuguese port vine and noisy parties, then you will certainly want to not yet again to return to Lagos.

Lagos kitesurf with out limit

Our kitesurfing school in the Algarve introduces a new package – “kitesurfing without limit” starting from April this year.

                           This package includes: lagos kitesurfkitesurf algarve

-All kitesurf equipment (kite and bar, kiteboard, harness, wetsuit, helmet), training with professional and certified instructors, medical insurance for each student.

-Free transfer from Lagos to kite lagoon with shallow water and good wind.

-And finally the most important thing is that kitesurfing training takes place without a time limit until the student is an independent kitesurfer. lagos kitesurf

A very important point in learning kitesurfing is safety, this is what the student should think first before you start to operate the kite. Kitesurfing training can be compared to driving a car – if you are an experienced driver and drive a vehicle carefully you know that nothing dangerous will happen.

kitesurfing algarve

Also we will teach you how to choose kitesurfing equipment under certain weather conditions and explain in which cases it is not necessary to run the kite and go into the water.

The Algarve has a very unique climate for all water sports, in kite lagoon shallow and smooth water with a safe environment and white sand that will speed up your kitesurfing training.

In this program there are a lot of advantages such as: never need to think about what will end the training time and score hours, as those people who think that they will never learn kitesurfing.

algarve kitesurf
lagos kitesurf

In short – if you have time to learn this amazing extreme sport – it is your option and our kite school in Sunny


Price of package “kitesurfing lessons with out limit” – 600euro

Book Now (+351) 965 341 985  WhatsApp

Storm in Lagos with waves up to 6 m. and wind up to 180 km / h

Storm in Lagos with waves up to 6 m and wind up to 180 km / hAlgarve kitesurf strong wind

For many people storms this is an extraordinary occurrence in the form of a tornado and a collapse of the coastline from large waves and for those people who are devoted to the wind and conquest of the water heights is a holiday with five stars. kitesurf algarve

These days our kite school in Lagos did not become an exception to participation in this storm process.kitesurf algarve

In the kite lagoon were ideal conditions for learning kitesurfing and literally two hundred meters were ideal conditions for wave reading and alternating weather from bright and scorching sun to dark clouds with chill.
those people who have already learned how to ride a kite independently took equipment for hire and participated in this holiday together with us. kitesurf algarvestorm Algarve kite

kitesurf Algarve strong wind and waves.

At this very time in Faro passed a fairly strong tornado which tore up trees, tore roof tiles from roofs and turned over cars including camper van.

Including the coastline suffered from this storm, some restaurants in Lagos, Albufeira and Portimao were partially washed away or destroyed. kitesurf algarvekitesurf Portugal strong wind and big waves

The storm was not out of place and the embankment of the city of Faro, which was permanently destroyed, despite being well fortified.Storm kitesurfing Algarve

This is not the strongest storm in recent years, but a chain of coincidence such as a full tide at a full moon with a high water level gave much more opportunities to this storm!

Kitesurfing school in Lagos / Portugal – Looking for motivated kite indstructors in Lagos Portugal is looking for motivated kite instructors for our season starting from the 1st of April till the end of September.
IKO or VDWS instructors.Lagos Portugal kitesurfing school
At the moment we are just looking for English-German and English-French speaking instructors.
We work in lagoon with flat and shallow water . Good wind conditions almost all summer.
We offer: commission (high prices and good money)
Accommodation in an instructor house close to the town.
If you are interested to work in one of the most beautiful spots in Europe please contact me and send me your CV and a recent photo to:
WhatsApp +351965341985

Kite Camp Portugal

Portugal kitesurf campKite camp Algarve

This year in Portugal for the first time in many years we are opening a kitesurf camp Portugal in the city of Lagos and invite everyone to try combining lessons of kitesurfing in Portugal and staying in a comfortable place.

Lagos kite campkite camp Algarve

Also you can book accommodation in Lagos without kite surf lessons, kite camp cost includes 5 days of kite training, breakfast, transfer to the lagoon, kite equipment and instructor.

Kite Camp AlgarveAlgarve kite camp

Our kite camp is not far from the main avenide where there are many excellent restaurants with fresh seafood and excellent Portuguese wines as well as the seaport of Lagos with many nightclubs and a cheerful company.
Also, if there is no wind in the Algarve, we can offer you other water sports of kitesurfing as surfing and a walk through the water caves in the south of Portugal on Stand Up Paddle Board.

1 DAY 3 Hours Kitesurf Course € 100 € 120
5 DAYS 3 Hours Kitesurf Course € 400 € 450
7 DAYS Double room + 5 days kite Lessons (3 hours / day) € 680 € 760
7 DAYS Dorm room + 5 days kite Lessons (3 hours / day) € 550 € 620
7 DAYS  Dorm room + 5 days Kite Rent (fool set) € 450 € 500

Today we look at what is Gidrofoil or FOIL board

Foil board Algarvefoil kiteboard Portugal

If you asked this question, you probably already saw how some kitesurfers do not just ride Lagos foil board, ride and surf the water, but as if hover over it. Moreover, they move, as a rule, with frenzied speed, beautifully and gracefully, even when there is only a faint hint to the wind, and the rest of the riders are sitting on the shore with and can only dream of going on a kite.

In fact, Gidrofoil – this is the underwater wing!

What kind of wind is needed for Hydrofil?
It is enough that the kite just flew. Thus, you can take parafoil with a size of 15-18 m. with a wind of 2 m / s or an inflatable kite measuring 15-18 m. at 4 m / s. The maximum recommended wind speed for riding on the Hydrofoil is 12 m / s

Advantages of Hydrophobic:

First, it’s speed. This speed, as you can dial on the hydrophone, you can not type on any other boAlgarve foil boardard in combination with the kite.
Secondly, the feeling of soaring. No other board will give you this. You will not feel the waves, you will fly over the water.
Thirdly, finally, it’s something new! Again, feel like a beginner and a student =)))) This is two or three hours of sensations of a completely new, almost space, board, completely unlike what you tried before =) Believe me, it’s worth to experience.
And on the Hydrofoil you can jump the familiar kite tricks of the back-roll, front-roll, rails, interceptions …

When to start learning how to ride a Hydrofoil?

Of course, it’s worth to get up on the hydrofoil when you are already riding well on a twintype, feel the kite perfectly, you can restart it from any positions, including from the trailing edge.

In short, hydrophilic is an advanced level.

But it is available to both children and adults, both women and men. The only requirement – the ability tFoil board Algarveo manage the kite well and patience.

The training takes place at the Hydrofoil with interchangeable masts.

First we use a short mast of 40 cm. If desired, we can start from the middle mast 60 cm, the student moves to the long mast only when he confidently enters the planning on the middle mast and can control the speed and fall safely.

Kitesurf News Lagos Portugal 2018

Red Bull King of the Air 2018

Dutchman Kevin Langeree out-classed Spanish young gun Liam Whaley and Lewis Crathern to win his second Red Bull King of the Air title at Kite Beach in Blouberg.kitesurf Algarve

“Today everything just came together and it’s like a dream come true,” the 2009 World Freestyle Champ and 2014 Red Bull King of the Air winner commented afterward. Langeree, who missed out on the 2017 event due to an injury, is only the second rider ever to have won two King of the Air titles. “To win it again is just a magical feeling,” he said.

“The move to Kite Beach was the best thing ever,” Langeree said, “It gave us as riders the opportunity to show our moves and it was definitely a day I won’t easily forget,” he said.

“Conditions were good,” said Sportive Director, Sergio Cantagalli of the finals day. “The wind, combined with the good swell gave the riders the chance to perform and that was our main goal.”

“We saw some new names and this is very important to us,” he added. “We also saw some high scores and new moves and there was a lot of energy.”


Hello our readers from this years, we begin to keep a news line about the latest news and events inkitesurf Portugal the life of kitesurfing in Portugal in the rest of the kitesurfing world.
We will discuss new kites, boards and also new items that go to the market.
Also in this section there will be fresh news about world kite tours and kite surfing competitions in freestyle, wave riding, race and marathon.


From 2018 kitesurfing will be Olympic sport.

With the year 2018 begins a new era of kitesurfing, the participants finally will be able to show their achievements during the Youth Olympic Games. Until finally everything is approved, but already scheduled meeting on this issue between the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) and representatives of the International Olympic Committee.

According to the Mirco Babini (chapters of the Association of kiteboarding IKA) special concerns that the proposal of the отклонят – no, most likely at the meeting of the проговорят all subtleties of the vote and approve the rules. Meeting on the implementation of the kitesurfing in Olympic sports will be held in early June, i.e. the days have already become known results.Portugal kitesurf

kitesurf Algarve

The competitions will take part 12 boys and 12 girls from different countries, from one country can speak two different participant – in the female and male category. Selected applicants for participation will be from existing world champions, who have received awards in other competitions.

Bearing in mind that the competitions are held among the younger generation kitesurfers, candidates must be under the age of 15 and not older than 18 years. The application can apply to everyone who was born with 01/01/2000 to 31/12/2003.

The Olympic competitions will take place as well as the race “Formula of kite” held in 2014 in Abu Dhabi. In the opinion of the Mirko, at the moment this is the most sophisticated and proven option, possibly in the future will be added the change, but the first race will be held on the scenario worked. The race itself Youth Olympic Games will be held in Buenos Aires.

In addition, the kitesurfers will be able to participate at the World Beach Games in Sochi, which will be held in 2019-m and perhaps in the Olympic Games in Tokyo, which will take place in 2020. How will pass these competitions is yet unknown. According to the organizers, they will all the features of the upcoming Youth Olympic Games. They will become the prototype of all the rest, they also finally decide to make a limit the course or technology perform jumps.

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